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Summary of the ERASMUS+ Project

Portraits of Opole, Portraits of Dijon, Portraits of Prague – INSPIRATIONS, CREATIONS 2016-2018

In the years 2016-2018, as part of the European Erasmus+ project: Portraits of Opole, Portraits of Dijon, Portraits of Prague – INSPIRATIONS, coordinated by the Jan Cybis Complex of State Art Education Centres in Opole (Zespół Państwowych Placówek Kształcenia Plastycznego im. Jana Cybisa in Opole), the students of the Opole art school together with the students of their partner schools Lycée Le Castel in Dijon and the Secondary Professional School of Clothing and Graphic Design in Lysa nad Labem discovered, painted and presented their beloved cities of Opole, Dijon and Prague.

The effects of the work and European cooperation were artworks performed in several drawing-painting and graphic techniques, pottery works, wood carving works, design and manufacture of artistic and decorative textiles, design and manufacture of clothes, accessories and jewellery, design of artistic furniture, new artistic and craft skills, knowledge and a lot of precious experience. You can see our works and the works of our European partners in the European Erasmus+ Gallery. All the works are available under the Creative Commons licence. Have an inspiring read.

Summary of the Portraits of Opole, Portraits of Dijon, Portraits of Prague project

Portraits of Cities for 800 Years of Opole exhibition

An Artistic Guide to Opole, Dijon and Prague
An Artistic Guide to Opole PL | EN | FR
An Artistic Guide to Dijon
An Artistic Guide to Prague

Visit the web pages of the Czech and French schools:

Střední škola oděvního a grafického designu, Lysá nad Labem

Project gallery at the clothing and graphic design school in Lysa nad Labem:

Lycée le Castel in Dijon

Web pages of the project:

We in Europe, Europe in us 2015-2017

In the years 2015-2017, teachers took part in the mobility programme within the framework of ERASMUS+ project. The time of honing linguistic skills, gaining teaching knowledge and exchanging European experience is completed.

The summary of the activities is presented below.

We in Europe – Europe in us